Monday, January 1, 1990

Paul V. Golunski, Director

Paul V. Golunski, Esq. is a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a lawyer by profession. Mr. Golunski has devoted most of his life to international-related activities. HeHe actively represents the Foundation in Europe by developing networking opportunities and attending dedication ceremonies. He initiated the gift of a Peace Garden located at Normandy, France in honor of the 50th Anniversary of that tragic World War II battle. While residing in France, for the three last decades he has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Russia, Western Europe and Eastern/Central Europe, as well as occasional trips to North Africa and Central America. His professional activities are shared between the academic world (Harvard University in the United States, French Business School E.S.S.E.Co.) and the business world. He has participated in high technology corporation missions, served on boards of shareholders and acted as pension fund counsel. He is governor and member of the board of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and co-founder of the Association's International Section. Paul recently received the Decoration of Knight of the Order of Pushkine, an honor bestowed upon him from the National Academy of Arts of Russia in recognition of his many years of cultural contributions. His charitable activites have included serving on the board of some 24 non-profit organizations. In addition, Mr. Golunski is Vice President of a permanent weekly cultural radio program in Paris.

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