Sunday, November 28, 2010

Emin Cakmak joins the International Peace Garden Foundation as Director of International Affairs

The International Peace Garden Foundation is pleased to announce that Emin Cakmak is the newly appointed Director of International Affairs for the Foundation. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Cakmak will serve as coordinator for the Foundations international activities primarily concerning Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Emin brings to the Foundation a wealth of experience in both foreign relations and tourism. He presently serves as Founding Chairman of the Turkish American Tourism Council, Founding Chairman of the Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council, Executive Board Member of the GCC, Middle Eastern and EU Business Council’s of DEIK-Foreign Economic Relations Board, Health Tourism Committee and Foreign Relations Committee of the Union of Turkish Travel Agents Assoc. - TURSAB. He formerly served on the Tourism for the Disabled Committee.

Emin Cakmak is Tourism Editor and columnist at He is a founding partner of his family owned business, Hello Tourism & Travel Inc.

He is fluent in Turkish, English and Arabic languages.

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